5 Reasons Why Joining a College Community Can Lead to Success

With a support network to cheer you on, offer you guidance, and suggest resources, you will be better equipped with the tools you need to succeed in college and beyond. Shelia Higgs Burkhalter, vice president for student affairs at Winthrop University, shares her top five reasons to join or create a strong community in college.

Food’s Impact on Study Habits: 8 Questions For a Dietitian

Eating balanced meals throughout the day ensures your brain receives a steady supply of nutrients to support memory and focus while studying. We spoke with Lauren Zimmerman, MS, RD, lead dietitian at Synchronicity, to learn more about how the food we eat impacts our focus and study habits and to hear tips on navigating food choices on campus.

9 Benefits of Having a Part-Time Job in College

Having a part-time job in college can help set you up for a successful career after graduation. We spoke to Meeting Street Scholarship recipients (pictured left to right) Montanna Lussier, Allen Gomez and Eden Thompson, sophomores at Clemson University, for nine reasons why you should consider applying for a job.