Partnering for Success: Let’s Get Ready

June 30, 2022

While our mission is focused on making the path to college more attainable, we believe it is equally important that students graduate college. The transition from high school to college is difficult for everyone, so we want to ensure each Meeting Street Scholarship Fund recipient has the resources they need to maintain good grades, remain eligible for the scholarship, and graduate. With this in mind, we partnered with Let’s Get Ready – a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping students get to and through college with near-peer mentoring. 

Wisdom that Carries Weight

Students involved with Let’s Get Ready are twice as likely to graduate from college than students with similar backgrounds¹, so beginning this fall, each Meeting Street Scholarship Fund recipient will be paired with a near-peer mentor. Mentees will receive timely encouragement, reminders, and advice from an upperclassman with been-there experience. A near-peer mentor who is still in college can provide valuable knowledge, insight, and wisdom that carries more weight than an adult who is several years removed from college. 

Let’s Get Ready aims to pair mentees with mentors who have similar interests or backgrounds to help foster lasting, trusting relationships. Students are also paired based on the profile of the mentee’s college so the mentor can share relevant information, recommendations, and resources with a firm understanding of the campus ecosystem. With such care taken to matching mentors and mentees, we believe these thoughtful pairings will offer the support that will guide students’ success through their college careers. 

It’s not just about GPA

While good academic standing is important, it’s equally important to have healthy relationships, fulfilling opportunities, and a feeling of belonging. We want to ensure students feel supported and have a trusted ally they can turn to with questions or for advice. Let’s Get Ready mentors offer the kind of one-on-one encouragement to help turn an okay college experience into a great one. From general updates and reminders about FAFSA deadlines and exams to regular outreach and guidance, Let’s Get Ready is tailored to each student’s preferences to best suit their needs. 

It’s our hope that the resources and guidance the mentees gain from the relationship with their mentor will trickle down through the community to their friends, family, and community members to help encourage others on the path to higher education, even encouraging current scholarship recipients to become near-peer mentors. The Meeting Street Scholarship Fund is thrilled to partner with Let’s Get Ready and believe it will further the success of scholarship recipients in college and after graduation. 

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