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Our team is committed to notifying all applicants of their eligibility status within two weeks of their application submission.

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Making Academic Dreams Come True

The Meeting Street Scholarship Fund helps hundreds of students attend South Carolina's best colleges.

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More Than a Scholarship

We do more than provide financial support; we offer numerous resources and programs to help students navigate their college journeys.


Strengthening College Readiness

Our team actively participates in the college application process by:

  • Creating Connections — We meet with prospective college students and high school guidance counselors.
  • Forging Recruitment Partnerships With Eligible Colleges
  • Helping Students Make Informed Decisions — We provide a college report to interested students.
  • Piloting a College Access Program — Available at Six Charleston County High Schools


Creating Community

We help recipients feel connected and engaged by:

  • Piloting a Campus Ambassador Program
  • Organizing Gatherings — We host virtual and in-person gatherings, and have a summer celebration
  • Connecting Recipients to Campus Resources