Here’s How a College Admissions Counselor Works with Incoming Freshmen to Obtain Every Scholarship Possible

February 28, 2023

Arsenio Parks is the Associate Director of Admissions at Wofford College serving as the Admissions Counselor for Lowcountry students. He also serves as the Diversity Recruitment and Initiatives Coordinator and a part of his role is to help increase the number of Pell-eligible students that apply to and attend Wofford. One way he does that is by identifying scholarships that students may qualify for. So when Arsenio learned about the Meeting Street Scholarship Fund in 2021, he knew immediately it would impact many incoming Wofford students.

“I knew the potential it could have for students to reduce or eliminate their student loans significantly. College tuition can be a big hurdle for students, but by decreasing or eliminating loans, it opens up opportunities for students to focus on their education and even consider pursuing their education further.” 

To help incoming students get the most scholarship money for their college education, Arsenio and his team send emails and texts to students with opportunities they might qualify for. 

“I try to create awareness around opportunities available to students because they often think tuition is too expensive. When students understand how financial aid packages work and, with the help of scholarships like Meeting Street Scholarship Fund, they can go to school without the burden of a large debt.” 

Arsenio identifies students who may qualify for the Pell Grant and LIFE scholarship—two requirements for the Meeting Street Scholarship—then shares marketing material and links to relevant opportunities. He recommends starting this process early in the application cycle, so eligible students are aware of the scholarships and can apply for them. Having multiple touchpoints was helpful, and Arsenio stressed the importance of following up with students several times. 

“Financial assistance removes some of the burdens a student goes through and allows them to be more open to other opportunities and experiences on campus. It gives them more breathing room to be a college student.” Reduced financial burden can also give students the chance to think about other opportunities, such as furthering their education, new passions, or career choices. “Higher education is a gateway for upward and social mobility. Just thinking about the potential possibilities for these students certainly gets me excited, so I try to spread the word about available scholarships as much as I can.”

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